GPS/GSM Devices

General Description

GPS/GSM devices are precise and flexible devices, based on latest wireless communication and global positioning technologies. They incorporate state of the art wireless communication equipment, based on GSM/GPRS technology and a reliable GPS satellite receiver. The navigation is ensured through a unit, designed to operate with the satellite network worldwide. Dual band (900MHz/1800MHz) GSM/GPRS unit is implemented for the full-featured communication - voice calls, data calls and SMS functionality.

The GPS/GSM devices define and register the position of one or more vehicles. Recorded GPS data are periodically sent to a back office server or stored locally (SD or CF Card). The devices themselves - can receive instructions and map information from backoffice server as well. Full configuration and setup of the device can be done remotely.
There is an optional display module to them - that can visualize maps and messages.



Device dimensions: 120mm x 100mm x 30mm
Power Supply: DC 12V - Nominal (10-18V acceptable) / up to 40V (optional)
Power Consumption: 1.8W Normal, up to 7W - during GSM operation
Backup Power Supply: internal battery (up to 30 min)
Internal memory: non volatile 1MB

GPS channels: 12
GPS position accuracy: < 15m (CEP)
GPS velocity accuracy: < 0.06 m/s
GPS start-up time: 8 seconds
GPS time synchronization: < 1us
GPS channel: L1 (1575.42 MHz)
GPS hot start: around 8 seconds
GPS cold start: around 60 seconds

GSM band: 900MHz/1800MHz/1900MHz
RF Power: 2W@900MHz(Class 4), 1W@1800MHz/1900MHz(Class 1)
GPRS: Class 10 up to 85.6 Kbps

Additional features:
Serial channel to connect external optional devices - display, keyboard, barcode scanner and etc.
Up to 7 Digital/Analog inputs - suitable for attaching various sensors - speed meter, RPM meter, fuel meter, etc)
1 emergency button input
Up to 4 Digital Outputs
All inputs/output status is written in log file