RedLight Enforcement

General Description

The InRay's Automated RedLight Enforcement System is an Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) for Law Enforcement, Surveillance and Control. It consists of panoramic and high-resolution cameras, managed by an industrial computer for control and communication. The system includes open architecture and enables flexible customization. That has the possibility to receive data from additional sensors and to use this information in the data stream sent to the back office/Operational Center for control.



The panoramic camera provides a general view of the intersection, including the traffic light. The automated violation detection is based on image processing technology, and therefore no additional sensors are required. This also enables a simple and cost effective installation. InRay's system consists of:

  • One or more colour megapixel (InRay proprietary development) cameras with high radiometric accuracy and a built-in DSP processor for control of the different modes of operation. Depending on the lighting and weather conditions, the robust adaptive algorithms select the optimal parameters of the camera for control of the exposure time, shutter and external additional illumination.

  • An industrial computer for control and communication. The computer is responsible for event synchronization, tracking of the objects, storing the frames with the registered violations in temporary archive and supports the communication with the Operational Center for Control. It can also serve as a local server for acquisition of data from all additional optional nearly installed sensors as it supports variety of interfaces and communication protocols (RS485, Fast Ethernet, Fiber Optic, WLAN). Optional sensors include radar, noise level, meteorological sensor etc.

The captured information is indexed, packed, encrypted and ready for sending over Gbit LAN to the back office/operational center.

The Automated RedLight Enforcement System includes also an optional hardware processing module for Automatic Plate Number Recognition (APNR). It uses only the image stream from the high-resolution cameras and works non-stop.



Major advantage against competitor systems:

  • Based on advanced image processing technology - no additional sensors are required.
  • Simple and cost effective installation.
  • A very competitive solution.
  • Digital evidence in video and/or stills format.
  • Communication link to the back office.
  • Minimal efforts of operational maintenance required for the system in the field.
  • An open architecture that provides flexibility to add new features and capabilities in the future.
  • Configurable system that enables the adjustment of different parameters, in order to meet local requirements.
  • No flash is required for night-light or poor weather conditions (and therefore anti-red-light camera spray does not work). A flash can be added to the system if it is required.
  • Attractive pricing.



These are demonstration shots of violations captured by our system.
Please note that in the demo download the images are not encrypted and watermarked.
Unzip the content of the ZIP file and run the TrafficControl.exe file. Then choose File/Open and select the folder with the violations (this folder is extracted from the ZIP file).

Download demo


OS: Windows 2000/XP
RAM: 512 MB
HDD: 150 MB